An Amazon Customer from Walla, Walla, Washington wrote:

“Awesome book!!! [with five stars] Mrs. Filgate, you and your husband are the best ever!! I bought this for our 4yr old grandson because I have several of your other children’s books and 3 paintings. Kyro loves this book. He is an animal lover and loves how the letters are made out of the letter they begin with. I’m ordering one for 1 as well for my collection. We love your pirate books and I’m a cat lover so I adore Abbey as well. Thank you so much for providing good literature for children and the art work is second to none!!”


Paul Ennis, wrote:

I got my paperback copy of AMMS yesterday—it is lovely. . . Congrats to the Filgates and to all those set to enjoy Leonard’s whimsical illustrations and Susan’s warm and endearing words.